Euro-Connects 2017

The Community Lead Business Forum

for Destination Development

November 2017

To be held in UK

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A unique forum - connecting Europe with Asia,

the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia

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Tour operators are able to offer experiences at affordable prices in a safe and comfortable environment.  

At Euro-Connects you will gain a high profile and interact directly with consumers at the public forum.  

You will also make new business contacts with corporations and airlines to discuss new tour programmes, quotas and group rates on key destinations and flights.


There are all kinds of exciting businesses around Europe looking for partners from different parts of the world.

Many new businesses are looking to market directly to the consumer.  They are also looking for partnerships in new and emerging markets.

At Euro-Connects you will have the opportunity to market directly to consumers in Europe at the public forum, and to hold one-to-one business meetings with like-minded businesses for future partnerships.


With the need to market directly to consumers and raise the profile of your tourism product Euro-Connects is the ideal forum to address both sectors.  

At the public forum you will be able to inspire communities to visit your destination for their next holiday.  

At the one-to-one business forum you will be able to have targeted business meetings with global partners for both leisure and corporate events and meetings.

You will be able to add value for airlines and tour operators underlining reasons for new schedules, programmes and routes.



Venues will have the opportunity to raise their profile directly to consumers and make new business contacts for ongoing commercial benefit.

There will be promotional opportunities during the course of the year.  At the one-to-one business session in November hotels, tourist attractions, conference venues and exhibition halls venues will be able to outline the advantages of your facilities and benefits.

You will be able to negotiate conferences, group allocations to airlines, tour operators and companies alike, as well as having the opportunity to raise your public profile and awareness.

Businesses and the Tourist Industry will be connected to like-minded Companies and Communities in Australasia And The Pacific Islands for Partnerships and promotional Activities


Some businesses are genuinely supporting community projects and contributing to local and regional economies as a positive force.

With all kinds of exciting global developments nationally and regionally not only will the communities served benefit, but so will shareholders.

We will be encouraging companies to work in partnership with our young people locally and regionally. They will be engaging with communities where they have commercial links around the world and demonstrate the benefit for both parties commercially and socially.


It is vital for different cultures to better understand each other and to underline common values.

Friendships and knowledge will drive mutual respect and partnerships.

Learn with us about different ways of life, traditions, beliefs and histories.


Businesses and Industries From Australasia And The Pacific Islands will demonstrate their Corporate Responsibility to the Communities they serve, and Strive for better Understanding between Cultures  

European Cities Connect with Cities In

Australasia and The Pacific Islands


Business and Tourism

Exhibition, Sponsorship, One-to-One Business Meetings,


Community Engagement

throughout the year and highlighted at Euro-Connects 2017, November 2017



Airports strive to increase capacity as catalysts for regional, national and international growth.  All regions around the world are eager to attract growth in all sectors to improve commercial and social activities and employment opportunities.

This is your chance at the public forum to prove to your community that you are the drivers of growth in the region, benefiting your community.

Regional Development Councils were set up to further economic and contribute to substantial development in the regions.  At the business forum they will be able to demonstrate the support shown to regional businesses.   

At the business forum you will be able to arrange meetings with tour operators and airlines to outline the support you can offer and the advantages of inward investment, and new business to the region.

At Euro-Connects you will be able to arrange meetings with Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Government bodies for practical support.  

“Experts” will be able to advise you on legal requirements and regulations from local, legal and international perspectives.

They will also be able to provide research facilities and data available on which you can base commercial decisions.

We, at Euro-Connects will also be able to put you in touch with organisations with a “can do” approach.

There are so many possibilities for your next holiday or business destination.  At the public forum you will be able to inspire communities to visit your destination.  

Tourist Boards, Authorities - local, regional and international will have the opportunity to raise destination profiles.  Audiences will work directly by working with local, regional and international communities at both public and business forums.

At the business forum you will be able to focus on commercial requirements for incentive travel, corporate hospitality and congress requirements.

Airlines are crucial for regional development throughout Europe.  Heads of Network Planning Departments and Heads of Marketing and their teams will be able to reduce the risk of implementing new routes, and increasing frequencies.  

Throughout the year airline teams will be working with business communities and social groups. New relationships and partnerships will be developed for a better understanding of current market trends directly with consumers and business travel departments.  

Businesses will develop new partnerships and discuss their requirements for commercial benefit.

Euro-Connects will work with Airlines and Tour Operators Throughout Australasia and The Pacific Islands To Ensure Sustainable and Viable Routes for Business and Tourism

Destinations, Tourist Boards and Venues From Australasia And The Pacific Islands will Demonstrate their Attractiveness to Consumers Raising Profile to Attract Business, Inward Investment and Tourism

Airports, Development Councils, Chambers of Commerce and Other Institutions From Australasia Will Demonstrate Their Support for Local, Regional, National and International Business